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AMV | Noragami – Wipe the dust of your Parasites

What I could say about AMV’s that’s worth some minutes of reading?
Well it depends on the Editor purpose of the project itself.

“Wipe the dust of your Parasites”

This project it’s a self motiv work for improvement of my personal skills in video editing, touching features like, color grading, audio sincro, story telling, transitions, and overlay effects. The final end product idea is, to deliver a high quality music video composition, with unique Editor/Author style in details. Solid work. Professional yet experimental.

Why NORAGAMI: I was interested in this anime because of it’s story telling, soundtrack but most important art style, scenes and drawing quality. The last episode of season 1, unleashed an incredible fight action sequence up for a 2-3 min edit. I only used episode 12 content without touching the opening or ending.  Yet it’s true I got to shortner the song in 40 seconds to match the content I got without loosing the peace. I’m happy with the result, but of course I may  have used the content in a better way. I will explain that in a bit!

TRANSITIONS:  One of the main KEYS of any project, build up your own scene cuts together as a whole, not an easy way.. you need to first understand what you wanna do and how you gonna do that. Here I helped myself with NEWBLUE transition plugin for Adobe Premiere. Sticked with fast, zoom, camera shake and swipe fast transitions.. yet failed to deliver in minute 2:04.  I always try to keep this as simple as possible and focus more to match both clips in some way.
And to do this right, it is indispensable to pay attention to the audio, even more than the video (sometimes).

AUDIO: Black Ceiling – Forgive me, Why “witch music” for this project?  Well, somehow it matched the original soundtrack mood, and got strong easy detachable audio spectrum, fast but not as repetitive as neurofunk.  I used to focus on the DROP THe BASS part and build the intro from there.. the outro is a whole different story and I always end up getting problems to close up the video.. The not always give you easy outs..  My main trick is to softly fade away the song and finish the video with a few seconds of original content audio speech.. then everything fade black. This leads us to our next key feature.. EFFECTS!

Allow me to put Color Grading and Effects in the same paragraph exclusively for this project article. The main effect implement here was the Black and White Flicker plus the color grading.. I used the NEWBLUE effects plugin called “Flicker” and default plugin “Levels” for the color fixing. ATTENTION.. always.. 2 layers of “LEVELS” one to set up the MATE, light, shadow balance and the second one to work the color. Why two and not only 1. I don’t really know why but some things just can’t be done with only 1 adjustment layer of levels.. so I use 2.  THen the dirty part.. the overlay effect.

The dirty overlay effect, when Yato’s Eyes scene, could have been way better. But lazy me decided to work with a 400×350 pixels stock video.. enlarge it to 1920×1080 and blend it as Overlay in opacity options… The reason of this effect.
It’s simple, as I was building the intro, the break point was getting near, where the 2 characters fight without holding back. I needed to add that last seconds of “stress” inside YATO mind.. flashback.. The itself.. with blue eyes over red background was impressive as it was.. but the overlay dirty effect is there to show you how.. calmy he looks from the outside.. but inside.. he’s mad and ready to rip you apart.

In Conclusion, this project gave me more experience in all those key features, I could see more clearly my main flaws and where I need to work harder. I hope to keep delivering better AMV projects in the future with at least 1 new innovative technique.  Feel free to express your opinion about this here or in the Youtube video. I’m always open to critics.

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