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Shadow of The Colossus Gaius Artwork

Shadow of the Colossus, is one of those games.. that happen not very often, and teach you things.. differently than reading a book, watching a movie.. listening an orchestra. Some may like it, some may hate it, I love it.

So I always wanted to create some collection-able art, for those who also loved this game, that’s why of this poster. I’ve put as much detail I could, struggling with blurry in-game screenshots, and re-texturing EVERYTHING.

It’s funny because the initial idea was to do something really simple in 2D vector style. And I end up doing something closer to a photo-realistic style than a minimalistic 2d.

Yet I think is a good master piece, is a good 1 masterpiece from me, dedicated to this fantastic game! I’m pretty sure I will re-play it in the future just as I keep coming back to the devil may cry.

I hope you enjoy this artwork in any format you wish.

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