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Apophysis 7x 10 Full HD Renders Pack 1

Apophysis 7x fractal renders stock pack free to download and use in any kind of projects, as long as credited and or linked back to this same post.

I personally called them AURA. Everything started back in 2009 when I got strong in photoshop design and was hooked by the beauty of mini banners, “signatures” specially the gaming and anime ones in forums and sites like deviantart.. I want them in bigger size and quality! SO I basically downloaded a pack of png renders from Dragon Ball Tenkaichi 3 characters and tried everything I could to create an energy aura effect! This fractal renders are my ultimate conclusion to that experiment.

But in order to archive more powerful effect in colors, I got to sacrifice the transparent background and mix it with a black background applying multiple filters in post-render…

This is my first ever pack! I did a lot of designs with this renders! I hope you enjoy them!

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