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prince of persia poster print artwork

Prince of persia poster artwork featuring the Prince of the famous ubisoft 3D trilogy.
Therefore The prince of persia two thrones is a game were the prince got a dark side corrupted by the sands of time.

In conclusion, get this incredible artwork in all kind of different merch formats, such as, metal prints.

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is a third-person action-adventure puzzle-platforming video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released in North America December 2005 across most major platforms.

It was published by Ubisoft in western territories and Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan.

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is, chronologically, the third game in The Sands of Time Trilogy. Canonically, The Two Thrones concludes the story that began in Battles of Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

Shortly following the events of Warrior Within, The Prince returns to his home in Babylon only to find it under siege by the Vizier and the nomadic Scythians.

When his ship is attacked, he is separated from Kaileena, who is kidnapped.

When she is taken to the Vizier, Kaileena is killed by the Vizier, re-releasing the Sands of Time. Corrupted by the Sands, the Prince’s darker nature is personified in the form of the “Dark Prince”.

Torn between vengeance and helping his kingdom, the Prince must decide what is more important to him before all of Babylon and the world is destroyed by the Vizier’s destructive grab for power.

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