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RedFaction 1 (2001) looks incredible in 1080p after 16 years!

I remember playing this in my Playstation 2 back in 2001.  Freaking out because of “destructive terrain” aka Geo mode and multiplayer experience.. tons of good memories.

I used a Mod patch to be able to run this game in 2017 with Windows 7 (64 bits) and modern PC components + 1920×1080 FullHD View FIX and enhanced graphics.
called: Pure Faction.

I took me almost “half of the game” to realize I could hide the weapon by pressing “H” then fixing the HUD in Photoshop was easy for a clean view!

I tried to go 4K but the game crashed no matter what, so truck with 1080p which were more than enough!

Completed the game in 3h, exploring everything I could in look for cool shots, but didn’t really wanted to overflow, so It was a good experience! BTW when I was a kid, I could not pass further 1/3 because I didn’t know English and never knew what to do! haha..

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